My boys

If you know me, you know I have a fierce love for my nephews. They have, and always will, mean the world to me. This last October, I went to Colorado to spend time with them. I had also promised myself that I would not miss taking AJ’s six month photos… so off to Colorado I went.
I love seeing them interact with each other. I love seeing AJ’s face light up when his big brother enters the room. There is quite the age gap between them so it’s so fun to see how Jevan has transitioned from being an only child to a big brother. He’s so protective of him and so very concerned if he is hurt. He wanted a sibling for a long time. He is the best big brother!
I have heard many parents say that they wish they could keep their children from growing. That time goes by too fast and before they know it the kids are grown up. Because of my nephews, I know what they mean. I know how exciting it is to see them grow but, at the same time, a little painful. I know that even if I am blessed enough to become a mother someday….these boys will still feel like my own. They are everything. They are my “Baby” and “Punky Poo”.

melissa-dale-photographymelissa-dale-photography2melissa-dale-photography3melissa-dale-photography4melissa-dale-photography5melissa-dale-photography6melissa-dale-photography7melissa-dale-photography8melissa-dale-photography9melissa-dale-photography10melissa-dale-photography11melissa-dale-photography13melissa-dale-photography14melissa-dale-photography15melissa-dale-photography16A few funny outtakes! We spent HOURS taking photos, the poor boys were wiped out and annoyed but for the most part, they cooperated so we could get some great pics. Also, it turns out that AJ loves eating leaves. I have several photos of him shoving the leaves into his mouth. 🙂

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